“Mr. Thompson did an amazing job with my case. He was so professional and honest the whole time. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

–Shane L. 

“Thompson Law took my concern seriously and handled my case with diligence. Kim was very forthcoming and patient with me. I really appreciate the representation and service of this firm.”

– Orlando C.

“I highly recommend the services of Mr. Thompson. I found him to be caring and very thorough in dealing with my divorce. During this stressful time he provided sound advice and a sense of calm in the midst of my difficulties. So grateful for his help!!”

– Lorrie M.

“My experience with Mr. Thompson and his very has always been a great one. I have been represented by Mr. Thompson on several cases and he is always friendly and very informative about my case. He is very good and smart at what he does.”

– Humberto R.

“I have to say, going into this, my expectations were low. I set them that way to protect myself from a disappointing final result. this had everything to do with past experiences, not with Mr. Thompson. In Nov 2014, i had a car accident that left me banged up and without a vehicle. I had purchased my care just 4 months prior. I was also set to board a plan for vacation the next morning. My vacation was hindered by my aches and pains., but we went anyways. Kim kept me informed 100% of the time. If i had questions, he was both very informative and clear about what to expect. Given my specific situation, the whole process went smoothly and without issue. Not only were my expectations met, they exceeded tremendously from what I had expected.”

– Jennifer H.

“In my time of feeling abandoned hopeless and helpless, Mr Kim Thompson really showed up. He never gave me false hope and was always honest.”

– NaKesha S.

“My experience with The Thompson Law group was amazing! They stayed in contact, the secretary was very friendly and personable. Kim was amazing! He offered me great advice concerning my case and he won us a great settlement! Thank you guys, it was wonderful working with you!!”

– Kharina P.

“With all the work that Mr Thompson provide I’m happy with the decision, hope to use him for any future reference.”

– Patricia M.

“I really enjoyed working with Mr. Thompson. He worked with me through the good and bad of my case. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer. I also used his office for another issue, and was never let down. Thank you again Thompson Law Group.”

– Anonymous

“Three cases three wins enough said. Good lawer great person! Thanks for jobs well done.”

– Anonymous

“After contacting Mr. Thompson’s office giving a brief summary of my situation, I was surprised by a return call that evening requesting a visit to his office. unfortunately i am in Richmond, VA under medical care unable to travel at the current time. Mr. Thompson spoke with me briefly and requested all the documents involving both my cases. He explained that this was unusual however he would review all the documents and give me a call with an answer if he would represent me. he called within a few days with the great news and I have been at ease since. Each time I had a question I either called or emailed and I received a answer, I have had dealings with attorneys before and never was able to get a call or a direct answer to a question. He advising me as to what to expect, and each time it has come to past. He makes me very relaxed in an time of complete kaos and anxiety, i would recommend Mr. Thompson to any one in need of services, I have complete trust,and faith which is a great deal. His staff as well has been awesome..”

– Anonymous

“After speaking with a couple attorneys about my case I didn’t like the unprofessionalism or how it was hard to even get them to return a phone call. When I first went in for a consultation with Kim Thompson and discussed my case. I felt very much welcome and treated with respect. When I decided I wanted to proceed, I made another appointment and upon arriving I was seen promptly and didn’t have to wait. I decided to hire Mr. Thompson because of his professionalism and knowledge. All the way through my case he kept me informed with phone calls and emails. Even the emails that was sent to the other party and as to their responses about my case. He was able to see that I was being treated fair and would be continue to be taken care of on my medical. When the case was concluded I received a settlement worksheet that explained everything in detail. I am very satisfied with how Kim Thompson handled my case which was promptly, professionally and working with the upmost integrity. I would highly recommend Kim Thompson to anyone that is needing an attorney in his field.”

– JD

“Mr. Thompson accepted my workers compensation case when all others said it couldn’t be won. When Mr. Thompson said something would be or not be, it always turned out to be so. He never gave up when the case was moved from court to court and throughout the course of the case(which he eventually won) he remained positive and on point. I would highly recommend Mr. Thompson to anyone who needs some legal help. When it comes to fighting for his clients rights, he is defiinitely a bulldog. He never quits.”

– Donna

“When I came to Mr. Thompson my lawsuit was in a mess. He got it straight for me and back on track. I was sexually assaulted by the Defendant and nobody believed me. But Mr. Thompson did. He stood by me the whole time and all the way through trial. The jury found in my favor because of Mr. Thompson’s efforts on my behalf. Thank you Mr. Thompson for believing sexual assault survivors and fighting for justice for them.”

– Diane E.

“My husband and I had serious credit card debt just over $70,000.00 collectively. We were sued and needed a defense. We called Mr. Thompson and he was able to get just about all of the debt wiped up. Now we are able to allow us to start over without having to file bankruptcy. Mr. Thompson changed our lives. I always recommended him to people facing the same financial troubles that we had.”

– Susan and Glen H.

“I was sued by a credit card debt collector for over $30,000.00 that I did not owe. Mr. Thompson went to work and stayed on top of my case the whole time. He was able to get my case dismissed without any payment to the debt collector. If you are looking for a strong debt defense lawyer, look no further.”

– Robert P.

“After my accident at work I didn’t know who to turn to. I was awarded workers compensation, but the insurance company did not want to pay what they owed. Mr. Thompson changed everything. He helped me get through their tactics and got me the money that I was due. I am so grateful for everything Mr. Thompson did to get me through this difficult time.”

– Matthew C.

“I have had numerous workers compensation injuries over the years. Every time, the insurance companies are up to the same games. For every injury, I keep going back to Mr. Thompson because he has always been able to get me the results that I want. Whenever someone I know is injured at work, I tell them not to wait until the insurance company starts acting up. Call Thompson Law right away so Mr. Thompson can get started on your case and get you your money faster. It’s worth it.”

– Jerry W.

“I was in a car wreck and had to make a claim against Geico my uninsured motorist carrier. I was injured and Geico wanted to drag the case out and not pay much to get the case resolved. Mr. Thompson forced them to get their act together and got me a very good result. If you need a car accident lawyer, he is the one to go to.”

– Farid B.