Is Distracted Driving Getting Worse?

By Thompson Law

Distracted driving is not a new phenomenon, but it’s a problem that appears to be getting worse, according to an study.

More drivers are texting, fiddling with navigation systems and getting distracted by children in their car than they were two years ago, the study finds. surveyed 1,000 motorists about distracted driving and other risky behavior behind the wheel.

The people who responded to the survey concluded that distracted driving has become a bigger problem than it was two years ago.

What are the top forms of driver distraction?

Drivers who were surveyed ranked driving distractions. At the top of the list was texting, which 24 percent of respondents thought was most bothersome. Here’s the full list of risky behavior cited by respondents:

  • Texting

  • Dealing with navigation systems

  • Dealing with children

  • Speaking on the phone

  • Adjusting music

  • Manipulating the heating or air conditioning system

  • Eating

Distracted driving behavior differs by gender

Men admitted their biggest distraction was texting. Women said they were distracted by navigation systems. While texting and other behaviors inside the car stood out as distractions, motorists wrote that other drivers distract them the most. Drivers confessed they engaged in rude behavior like honking, brake-checking other drivers, making obscene gestures or swearing at people sharing the road. Aggressive driving – or road rage – is one common cause of car accidents.

While not as common as texting, some drivers admitted they took “selfies” behind the wheel. Twenty-five percent of the respondents said they have taken a photo or video while driving.

What to do if injured in a distracted driving accident

Distracted driving continues to be a main cause of car accidents in greater Nashville and throughout the country. These types of crashes can be avoided if drivers simply make responsible choices.

A crash caused by a distracted driver can result in serious injuries and even death. Victims often face a long and painful recovery. The impact of the crash can touch every aspect of their lives. They may have to stop working. They may be unable to enjoy hobbies as they cope with the physical and emotional impact of the car wreck. To make matters worse, they often face expensive medical bills at the same time they’re dealing with lost income.

An experienced Nashville car accident attorney can help reduce the stress for victims of accidents and families who lost loved ones. At Thompson Law, our legal team fights to recover maximum compensation for individuals who have been injured or lost loved ones in crashes.

We stand up to the insurance companies that try to downplay the injuries or offer lowball settlements.

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