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Skilled And Compassionate Guidance In Estate Planning And Probate Matters

Contrary to what you might assume, estate planning is for everyone. An “estate” sounds like something only rich people have to worry about but it’s a legal term that refers to everything you own. No matter how large or small you believe your estate to be, you deserve to decide what happens to it when you are no longer around to enjoy your hard-earned assets. Whether you need to create an estate plan or probate the estate of a loved one who has recently passed away, you can count on Thompson Law for experienced and compassionate guidance.

Creating A Customized Estate Plan

Attorney Thompson can help you create an estate plan that is customized to your needs and goals and clearly reflects your wishes. Your play may include:

  • A will (sometimes called a last will and testament)
  • One or more trusts
  • An advance health care directive (sometimes called a living will)
  • Designated power of attorney (someone who can make important decisions and take legal/financial actions on your behalf if you ever become incapacitated)
  • Up-to-date beneficiary designations for your insurance and retirement policies

Some people are tempted to save money on estate planning by filling out templated forms they found online. This is generally a bad idea since your estate plan needs to be customized to you and your assets. If your will or other documents are unclear or incomplete, they could actually cause more difficulty for your loved ones than if you had no estate plan at all. When you contact the firm, Mr. Thompson will take the time to learn about your individual circumstances.

Work With An Experienced Probate Attorney

The loss of a family member is very painful but it can be even more upsetting when it comes time to settle that person’s debts and distribute assets. This process can be difficult even when there is an existing will. That’s why it’s a good idea to have an experienced probate lawyer working for you.  Attorney Christopher “Kim” Thompson can help handle the probate of an estate. “Probate” basically means proving a will and carrying it out according to the deceased person’s wishes. That can be a complicated process.

Mr. Thompson has been serving the legal needs of people in Davidson and surrounding counties for decades, in all types of cases. He knows the difficulties that can arise in probating a will and how to handle them. He is dedicated to helping you make sure that probate goes as smoothly as possible. At all times, he is respectful toward the person’s final wishes.

A Basic Overview Of The Probate Process

When someone dies, and there was a will, there are certain basic steps that need to be followed in the probate process:

  • The designated executor or administrator takes over the estate
  • There is an inventory of assets (not all assets need to go through the probate process – this inventory includes assets that did designate a specific beneficiary)
  • Creditors need to be paid (if your loved one owed money, time is allowed for creditors to file a claim)
  • Taxes need to be paid (any outstanding tax bills need to be settled)
  • The remaining assets are distributed according to the will

Attorney Thompson offers comprehensive representation, and he will help you resolve any legal difficulties that arise during the probate process.

Representation In Litigated Estate Disputes

Unfortunately, even with a will, there can be problems. For example, a family member may contest the will. There can be disputes about whether certain assets need to go through probate. The validity of creditor claims needs to be assessed. These problems can cause delays and can take months to sort out. If allowed to go unresolved, that can significantly deplete estate assets and cause permanent rifts between family members.

Attorney Thompson provides representation in estate and probate litigation. His goal is to help you find resolutions that are cost-effective, efficient and preserve family relationships whenever possible.

Free Consultations For Prospective Clients In Middle Tennessee

Learn more about how an experienced planning and probate attorney can help. Contact attorney Kim Thompson today to schedule a free consultation. He can review the details of your situation, explain your legal options and answer any questions that you have. To get started, you can contact the firm online or call 615-832-2335.