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False Arrest Lawyer In Nashville

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Police have the power to make arrests when they think a crime has been committed. In some situations, even private citizens can make an arrest. In all cases, there has to be legal justification. A false arrest is a violation of your rights and you may be able to recover compensation. Thompson Law can help.

False arrest means that you were unlawfully detained – by a police officer, a security guard, a business owner or even an ordinary citizen. In a false arrest, your freedom to move where you want was restrained, you were held without your consent and there was no legal justification to hold you.

Attorney Christopher “Kim” Thompson has been serving the legal needs of people in and around Nashville for decades, handling many different types of cases. He knows that being the victim of a false arrest can be a frightening experience. That’s why he fights for the rights of victims to help them get justice.

An Attorney Who Will Take Your Case Seriously

A false arrest can have a big impact on your life, even if you were only detained for a short time. It likely caused you a great deal of emotional distress. You may have missed time from work because you were detained. You may have suffered a loss to your reputation, as people assumed you did something wrong. Then there is the embarrassment of the situation.

The majority of police officers are responsible public servants who follow proper procedures when performing their jobs. Security guards and business owners are also largely responsible. It only takes one negligent and irresponsible person to make a false arrest. Attorney Thompson holds them accountable. A successful false arrest case must demonstrate that:

  • The defendant intended to confine you
  • You were conscious of the confinement (you were awake and aware of your surroundings)
  • You did not consent to the confinement
  • The confinement was not privileged (legally justified)

False arrest claims can be complicated. That’s why attorney Thompson investigates to get the facts about what happened to you. He carefully reviews all documentation, video and any other evidence. He identifies and interviews witnesses. He focuses on building a strong case that has to be taken seriously.

Serving Davidson And Surrounding Counties

You can seek compensation for damages you suffered as a result of the false arrest. These may include emotional distress, damage to your reputation, lost wages if you missed work and medical expenses if you needed to see a doctor. Attorney Thompson may also seek other damages, depending on the circumstances of your case.

There are certain things you can expect when you are represented by Thompson Law. You can expect your case to be taken seriously from the start. You can expect hard work from an experienced attorney. You can expect an honest assessment about what to expect from your case. You can expect attorney Thompson to guide you through the process every step of the way.

If you were the victim of a false arrest, it’s important to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Contact attorney Kim Thompson today to schedule a free consultation.