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At Attorney Helping Clients Fight Back Against Dishonest Business Practices

You work hard for your money. So you want to spend it on goods or services, and you trust that you will get what you paid for. Unfortunately, there are people and companies that target consumers and cost them millions each year. If you’ve been the target of unfair or deceptive practices, Thompson Law can help.

There are federal and state laws designed to protect consumers from fraud and scams. There are some individuals and businesses that try to get around these laws. They only care about money and have no problem ripping off consumers. Attorney Christopher “Kim” Thompson fights for the rights of consumers in Davidson and surrounding counties. When you’ve been taken advantage of as a consumer, attorney Thompson fights to help you get justice. You can expect personal attention every step of the way as he guides you through the legal process.

Legal Representation In A Variety Of Consumer Advocacy Matters

Attorney Thompson’s work in consumer advocacy includes representation in matters such as:

Debt collection – You may have fallen behind on payments for a credit card, car loan or some other form of debt. You have started receiving many unwanted calls about how much you owe. These calls are often made by an automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS). An ATDS can make multiple calls multiple times a day. You’ve asked the creditor to stop these calls, but you are still receiving them. You have rights under the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and may be entitled to compensation.

Dishonest car dealers – When buying a used car, you have the right to get honest information about what you are getting. This includes the right to know if the car is in good working order, if it’s been in an accident or if it has any safety issues. If a dealer knowingly withholds information about a car before selling it to you, you can take legal action to recover damages.

Violations of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act – Tennessee has a robust consumer protection law. It creates the framework for business owners to face both criminal charges and civil liability (in the form of private lawsuits) for engaging in business practices that are deceptive, dishonest or otherwise unfair. Some of the many prohibited behaviors listed under the TCPA include price gouging on essential goods and services in response to natural disasters, misrepresenting the quality and styles/models of one’s own products or services, and misrepresenting and disparaging the quality and styles of a competitor’s products and services,

Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act – Your credit score and history determine whether you have access to credit, what your interest rates will be, and can even determine whether you qualify for certain jobs or government security clearance. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) seeks to ensure that any reports made to credit bureaus and agencies are accurate and fair. It also seeks to protect consumer privacy. Some of the protections afforded by the FCRA include the right to dispute information in your file that is inaccurate or incomplete. the right to know what your credit score is and the right to be informed that information in your file has been used against you. You are allowed to sue for compensation when an individual, business or agency has violated the FCRA, and attorney Thompson is ready to represent you in these types of claims.

Warranty disputes – This is an issue that comes up frequently with cars or passenger trucks. Auto repairs can be very expensive. You are told when you buy a car that there’s a warranty, and there’s an expectation that needed repairs will be covered while the warranty is valid. Then you are told that the warranty does not cover the repair your car needs, and you are left with the bill. Thompson Law can help.

Individuals and businesses typically deny doing anything wrong in these cases. That’s why attorney Thompson focuses on the facts. He investigates what happened. He carefully reviews all documentation and interviews witnesses. If needed, he consults experts.

Work With An Experienced Attorney Determined To Get Results

Attorney Thompson builds a strong case that proves you were the victim of unfair or deceptive practices in violation of the law. He fights for your rights and demands financial compensation to cover your damages.

Learn more about how an experienced consumer law attorney can help you with your case. Contact attorney Kim Thompson today to schedule a free consultation. You can reach out online or call the office in Nashville at 615-832-2335.