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Nashville attorney offers best ways to avoid drunk driving crashes this St. Patrick’s Day

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Posts

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and Nashville residents should brace themselves for a spike in drunk driving. Drunk driving kills and endangers Nashville residents year-round. Davidson County has more alcohol-related collisions than anywhere else in Tennessee — there were roughly 8,200 drunk driving crashes from 2009-2019. Here’s what to expect and how you can stay safe.

How often do alcohol-related crashes occur on St. Patrick’s Day?

According to WalletHub, St. Patrick’s Day is the third most popular drinking day of the year. It’s a yearly tradition that on the day of the holiday and the weekend of observation the average person celebrating the holiday will consume 4.2 drinks.

This has its consequences on the road. Roughly 62 percent of fatal crashes on St. Patrick’s Day are alcohol-related. While police conduct yearly crackdowns on drunk drivers, they can’t be everywhere all the time. Some people feel overconfident in their ability to drive drunk.

According to an infographic posted on scramsystems.com:

  • 269 DUI-related fatalities occurred on St. Patrick’s Day from 2012-2016
  • 38% of drivers killed in crashes has a BAC level of at least 0.08%
  • Nearly 70% of all road deaths occur between midnight and 5:59 a.m. on March 18
  • 3/4ths of fatal drunk driving collisions involved a driver with a BAC level more than twice the legal limit

How can drivers prevent fatal crashes?

Those who plan on drinking this St. Patrick’s Day have no excuse for getting behind the wheel. There are plenty of options for getting from point A to point B, especially after planning ahead of time. This includes:

  • Hailing a rideshare or taxi
  • Celebrating at a location within walking distance
  • Designating a sober friend or colleague to drive
  • Spending the night at the celebration location (if possible)

It doesn’t take much alcohol to cause impairment. Even drivers with BAC levels below the legal limit of 0.08 percent can show some signs of impairment. If you notice anyone driving erratically or swerving, it’s best to keep a safe distance from them can call the police.

Nashville attorney representing injured motorists

At Thompson Law, we hope that everyone has a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day. In the event you are hurt in a crash with a drunk driver, we urge you to take legal action. Drunk driving crashes often result in serious, and sometimes life-long, injuries. You shouldn’t have to pay out of your own pocket because of someone else’s reckless behavior.

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